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Building Community One Sip At A Time

Always Faithful Coffee is an active-duty family-owned and operated company that aims to provide not only great coffee, but also a meaningful community.

Robert Taylor

Owner of Always Faithful Coffee

Born in Pensacola, Florida, Robert Taylor joined the Marine Corps in 2004. He is still an active-duty artillery Marine with multiple duty stations and deployments under his belt. Robert has grown to appreciate good coffee and as someone who has woken up in the field or “in country”, he understands the value of each cup. This, in turn, begins his love for Gunny’s Go Juice.


Owner of Always Faithful Coffee

Growing up overseas to active duty parents, Jenn Troxell developed a deep respect for the military and the community that grows within and around it at an early age. Jenn’s family has a culture for coffee cultivation which she deeply cherishes to this day. She firmly believes that coffee fuels everyone - from the overworked soldier, to an exhausted mom of four, and even to the teenagers determined to be cool. While all her siblings went off to embark on their own military careers, Jenn remained as the “token civilian”.

She spent years pursuing higher education, eager to find her place, with a cup of coffee in her hand. Determined to find an equally meaningful way to give back, Jenn began a long career working for various non-profits around the country, all for a common goal - support to the military, both past and present.

In her journey, Jenn began to realize that while a military lifestyle serves as a catalyst of change for many walks in life, she did notice one thing that remained steady: the power of coffee. She would then notice that there was coffee at military spouse gatherings, coffee at unit family days, and - of course - coffee out in the training areas. Everywhere she went, the scent of coffee was a siren’s song - an invitation to everyone to come huddle around a hot pot of coffee and enjoy each other’s company.

This is when Jenn realized the true power of coffee - the power to build a community, anywhere in the world.

“Coffee starts conversation and conversation can help build community, something many people are seeking to find.

A sense of community, of belonging, can be crucial to those feeling alone or isolated, particularly when they are going through big life changes, which is a regular occurrence for our service members.

We can’t ease that strain for everyone, hence why we also make sure to do our part in helping support military-oriented nonprofits, but we are committed to making a difference.

One conversation, one cup of coffee, one sip at a time, we are building a community.”


Our mission is to provide delicious, high-quality, best-tasting coffee to all those seeking to support our service members and help create an environment in which service members and civilians alike are welcomed and can build a community, one sip at a time.


Over the next few years, we envision our coffee being brewed in kitchens and offices around the country.

Our objective is to be known not just for the quality of our coffee, but also for our determination to support our service members.

The long-term goal of our company is not only to continue growing our customer base, but also to ultimately welcome them into a brick-and-mortar facility and create a physical community built around our coffee, as a show of good faith.

Part of our goal is to not just sell coffee, but also to donate coffee to military nonprofits. Our customers help us choose which nonprofit to donate to, ensuring that everyone is involved and invested in building a stronger and larger community.

Bags of our premium coffee can be donated in two different ways: either by directly purchasing our “Community Builder” bag of coffee, or by becoming one of our subscribers. As a subscriber, in addition to saving 10% on your purchases, for every tenth bag you purchase, we would donate a Community Builder bag - a win-win as they say!